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Best practices

    • Broken links are bad both for user experience and SEO. Users can leave your site if they get stuck with a broken link. Use link checkers to find such links and remove them or redirect to correct pages.
      W3C link checker
      iWebTool Broken Link Checker

    • Imagine you have developed great responsive template that looks awesome in Safari, but what about those who use Firefox, Chrome or even IE? Have you tested on other OS platforms?



Code quality



    • Google provides a number of rules to optimize your page load. And be sure they use it while ranking your website in search results.
      Google Page Speed

    • There is also a number of parameters you may optimize with tool from Yahoo. Unlike Goole they have documentation that shows how score is calculated.
      Yahoo's YSlow

    • Use the service to find out what can you fix in server response headers to optimize page load.



    • You may perform periodic checks to be sure that site is clean of malware.
      Sucuri SiteCheck

    • Create a new user, give it super admin permissions, then delete old super admin user for changing ID of the admin user. Since Joomla! 2.5.5 you may change admin name during installation.
      Joomla! directions
      Recover super admin password

    • Rename htaccess.txt to .htaccess and make sure RewriteEngine is set to "On".

    • Check configuration.php file permissions. Set it to 644, or much better to 444.

    • If you still on Joomla 1.5.x, do not use the standard jos_ table prefix.

    • If you go live with the site being established on development environment, a good idea would be to check /log and /tmp folders paths in "configuration.php"

    • Look in your website structure for staging/development files and delete them (.psd, .bak, IDE files, copies etc.)


Social Media


Do you use other cool tools in Joomla! development and maintenance? Share your experience — we'll be glad to extend our checklist.

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