Social Media Marketing Campaign Checklist

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Social Media are known as a cost effective means of driving traffic to the website and engaging with the audience. A lot of website owners pay particular attention to social media marketing (SMM) to manage social accounts with the best possible results. Checklist maker is a suitable tool for creating and managing SMM campaigns effectively. Create a checklist with consecutive steps and see results!


SMM Checklist

    • The plan is necessary to save time, money and efforts

    • PR, traffic, sales, brand awareness

    • General preferences, preferred social networks, interests

    • Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, StumbleUpon, YouTube, SlideShare etc. depending on where your clients are

    • To encourage sharing

    • Ask employees "to like", "to follow", comment and recommend

    • To expand your reach across social platforms

    • Embed social media buttons and optimize the content

    • To expand your reach across various platforms

    • To evoke interest and encourage sharing

    • To increase users' engagement

    • To increase loyalty

    • To engage with followers

    • LinkedIn, Google+ groups

    • Participate in discussions, share your expertise

    • Find relevant blogs and forums that are updated on a regular basis

    • StumbleUpon, Reddit, Delicious etc.

    • Run pools, reply to comments, participate in discussions

    • To encourage sharing and commenting

    • What is Open Graph and how to integarte it easily into Joomla

    • SEO tactics

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