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Do you blog about travelling or just  a great lover of visiting new destinations? Use Checklist app for creating checklist with essential tips for travel preparation, must see attractions in a certain destination, backpacking or camping checklists. Don’t forget a thing and share travelling tips with your friends and readers!


Travel preparation checklist

    • Be sure that your passport has at least 6 months before expiring as you can face difficulties getting visa

    • Check visa requirements in advance

    • Keep the tickets in a safe place

    • If printed documents are required at your arrival

    • To be prepared for an emergency

    • In case you prefer technology to printed maps

    • Check exchange rate before going abroad

    • To be able to find your way around the city

    • To capture the moments

    • Determine whether you need adapter or converter

    • Entertainment options

    • To get better sleep

    • Check the weather and airplane weight regulations

    • Check airplane baggage regulations

    • Check airplane baggage and airport security regulations first