Wedding Checklist

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Wedding day is one of the most important days in every woman’s life and it is vitally important to have everything well-prepared.  A wedding checklist helps you not to miss a thing and have everything ready for THE BIG DAY.

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12 -10 months before the wedding

    • Fall in Love

    • Wedding date needs to be determined in advance as all future preparations will be organized depending on the date and time of the wedding

    • Wedding is an expensive event. You need to discuss with your partner your financial possibilities and plan the ceremony in line with them

    • Choose colors & a wedding style

    • Prepare a list of potential guests

    • The choice should be based on the ceremony date, budget and personal preferences

    • Both you and your partner are supposed to like the place

    • Hiring a professional will considerably simplify the process of the wedding preparation

    • A great source to find inspiration for the upcoming event

9-7 months before the wedding

    • Good specialists are often booked months in advance that is why you had better take care of finding them 9-7 months before the wedding day

    • The wedding will be incomplete without above mentioned participants

    • Choose a destination and start preparing documents and making reservations

    • Remember to taste the cakes before approving the master's candidacy

    • To get your wedding on time and in style with your wedding party

    • Tables, chairs, linens, arches, silk plants, sound system & glassware

    • Find the dress you will be comfortable in

    • Join gym or fitness classes

6-5 months before the wedding

    • If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on invitations, you can make your own handmade cards

    • Be sure that the rings match the bands

    • After a careful search, choose the dress and accessories including a veil, jewelry, bouquet, shoes & etc.

    • the decorations are supposed to create a special mood and atmosphere

    • Remember to discuss your wishes

    • The type of music you choose will set the tone for your wedding

4-3 months before the wedding

    • The cake is supposed to look wonderfully and taste great

    • Vows is a great means of making your wedding personalized and showing the guests how much you love each other

    • The invitations should be send in advance to give the guests a chance to clear their schedule

    • To discuss their duties and organize wedding procession

    • Pick up the date, a theme, compile a guest list, choose a location

    • Make your first dance memorable

    • Think about the color, style and different sizes

2-1 months before the wedding

    • Exclude those who cannot attend the wedding ceremony

    • Wedding registry prevents gifts’ duplicating

    • A must-do for every wedding gift you receive

    • Choose the song that is unique, meaningful and reflects your "personality" as a couple

    • Make sure everything goes according to the plan

    • Find the best wedding hair stylist and a wedding makeup artist in your area

    • A good seating chart will assure the reception goes smoothly

    • In case you follow the traditions

    • Have a t least 2 fittings to make sure the dress fits perfectly

    • Share joy with your friends

    • The document confirms that you are legally allowed to get married

A few days before the wedding

    • A rehearsal dinner is a great way for the guest to know each other

    • Hang out with your friends and celebrate the upcoming marriage

    • Pack the documents, money and necessary clothing

    • Everything is supposed to be perfect on your wedding day

    • Not to have misunderstandings when you arrive

    • Make sure they are emotional and personal

    • You need to look great on your wedding day

At the wedding day

    • Make sure that the stylist know the appointment time

    • Get yourself at least 45 minutes to put the dress on

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