• Canon Powershot SX210 IS Digital Camera in Black

    Canon Powershot SX210 IS Digital Camera in Black
    Powerful and user friendly, the smart Canon PowerShot SX 210 IS boasts a staggering array of features for such an affordable price. This sleek digital compact camera combines the power of 14.1 megapixels with a sensational zoom, high definition (HD) movie mode and the ability to have complete creative control over your images – and it’s one of the cheapest and best of its kind on the market, with no compromise on quality. Superbly detailed images can be enlarged to large sizes without any reduction in image quality, thanks to its 14.1 megapixel sensor. In addition to the powerful 14x zoom lens, which brings distant subjects into clear view, the compact body of the Power-shot SX210 IS houses Canon’s fast-acting DIGIC 4 processor which supports a wide range of ultra-handy photographic functions to make taking great pictures easy.

  • Canon Powershot A1200 Digital Camera in Black

    Canon Powershot A1200 Digital Camera in Black
    Canon Powershot A1200 Digital Camera in Black The Canon Powershot A1200 features high quality combined with features only normally found on more expensive models, including a wide angle zoom lens, 12 megapixel resolution and an optical viewfinder in addition to the 2.7” LCD monitor. Below are outlined some of the main features of this versatile camera. 12.1 Megapixel Resolution For sharp image quality, even when enlarged beyond A3 size.. Wideangle 4x zoom optics Only usually found on expensive models, the Powershot A1200 has a zoom lens with wide angle equivalent to 28mm. This setting is ideal for indoor photos and landscapes. The telephoto end of the zoom range (equivalent to 112mm) is ideal for picking out more distant details. Face Detection Detects up to 35 faces in any frame and optimises focus and exposure. 2.7" LCD monitor plus optical viewfinder As well as having a well sized 2.7-inch screen, the PowerShot A1200 also has an optical viewfinder. This is ideal for quick point-and shoot images and in bright sunlight when the image on the screen may be less visible. Live View Control also allows you to preview any picture settings before shooting.

  • Canon IXUS 117 HS Digital Camera in Black - Only at Jessops

    Canon IXUS 117 HS Digital Camera in Black - Only at Jessops
    Canon IXUS 117 Using Canon’s HS system for low-light shooting, wideangle zoom lens and 32-scene Smart Auto mode, the 12 megapixel Canon Ixus 117HS combines great innovations with renowned Ixus style. 28mm Wideangle Zoom with Optical IS The Canon Ixus 117 HS has a 4x zoom lens that covers the equivalent (on a 35mm camera) of 28mm at the wide end. This wideangle perspective is ideal for indoor group and party shots to get everyone in, also for great landscapes. And for when you want to zoom in, the optical image stabiliser actively reduces camera shake so your photos remain sharp. HS (High Sensitivity System) The Ixus 117 HS uses a High Sensitivity 12.1 Megapixel Sensor. This back-illuminated CMOS sensor is more efficient than conventional sensors allowing more light to be recorded. This gives less image noise and the ability to shoot better photos in low light

  • Canon Powershot A3200IS Digital Camera in Silver

    Canon Powershot A3200IS Digital Camera in Silver
    Canon Powershot A3200IS Digital Camera in Silver The Powershot A3200IS features 14 megapixel quality, HD movie recording and a Dynamic Image Stabiliser, all inside a smart metal body. 14.1 Megapixels For enlargement to poster sized images while still retaining sharp image quality. 5x Optical Zoom The generous 5x zoom lens incorporated into the Powershot A3200IS also accommodates wide angle shooting, having an equivalent focal length of 28-140mm. In other words, wide angle, standard and zoomed-in telephoto shots are all catered for. 2.7” LCD monitor with Hints and Tips The Powershot A3200IS includes a brief on-camera explanation of its shooting modes so that you can have more control as you get more familiar with the camera. The 2.7” LCD monitor also has five brightness settings which can be adjusted for different ambient lighting conditions. Smart Auto and Easy Modes Easy Mode makes sure that settings are not accidentally altered while there is a choice of 32 scene modes for a more bespoke setup.

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