Survey Force Deluxe is integrated with JomSocial. So members can create surveys/polls from the front-end. Add this easy possibility and convert passive observers into active members. Just adding one option after another will not move your Community to peak condition. You should collect information about your members needs and desires to build your key marketing strategy.


You can use Survey Force Deluxe to capture the key information that you need for developing a thorough marketing strategy. The problem is to motivate folks to answer your survey questions. Everyone faces this problem. That is why we enriched Survey Force Deluxe with Alpha User Plugin (AUP).

AUP is a way to create a pretend currency, i.e. "money" for a site. A little like Facebook Credits. You can suggest your users to earn AUP points for answering a survey. Then the points can be spent on different things. You can suggest any product, preference or entering a raffle for the points.

It's most important to have something valuable to spend the points on. Money is not good if you can spend it on nothing! Some ideas for you:

  • You could upgrade a membership subscription for points;
  • A storeman could provide the discount coupons to people who earn points;
  • You could launch a raffle, and give your product to the winners, and suggest a special coupon code to the ones who didn’t achieve a success.

See AUP website for more ideas -

Share your experience on using the Alpha User Plugin together with Survey Force Deluxe. Your feedback inspires to add more and more new features or

2013-04-08 13:27:46
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