It's possible to insert quizzes into Joomla articles. But please note, that you cannot put more than one quiz per an article.
There is also a JomSocial plugin for quiz. The plugin shows results from quizzes that a user has taken on his profile page if this application is added or is a core application. The results include the time spent on the quiz attempt, the score and rank that a user received.
If you don't want a user take the next quiz until he passes the first one, you can create Learning Paths that will set the sequence of learning programm. Learning paths may also include content articles as well as quizzes.
Moreover if you want to charge for quizzes there is a payment integration: automatic mode that works with Virtue Mart and manual mode.

Hi, Dear Cat & Quiz Fan!

My name is Reese and I'm the most supportive cat ever.

Now I will walk you through this amazing component you are evaluating and show you its numerous question types.

I used the following settings for this test creation:

  • The passing score is 60%,
  • the number of attempts is unlimited,
  • the final page will show thedetailed result for every question,
  • guest users as well the authorized ones can answer this quiz,
  • the quiz is not timedand its questions are placed one per page,
  • questions are not shuffled
  • questions cannot be skipped.
But you can play with many other different settings and configure the component according to your needs if you log in as an administrator of this demo site.

So, let's begin our journey and learn more about pretty me! You can get up to 100 points for this test and need to give at least 70% of correct answers to receive my kitty certificate.

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