Technologies and tools Joomla! CMS, PHP, JavaScript, AJAX, CSS, HTML, Flash, MySQL

Efforts 24 months


Healthy life style is very popular today, so the main idea of this project was to help people find ways to improve their health, body and mind. The main goal was to develop a dynamic interactive online web portal where people find useful information about wellness and even can begin training using 3D animated movies with instructions.

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Online typing courses Ticken

Technologies and tools PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, XML, AJAX, Ahache, Flash (Action Script 3 - Interactive Flash)

Efforts 7 months


The main aim of this project was to create online ten-finger typing courses. This is a great example of organizing distant learning process with the help of interactive online courses. JoomlaLMS was taken as the basis of this new eLearning development. Special school functionality with competition features and online games ensure not only great promotion in schools but also a true dedication of site users and success of the project.

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John Hancock Clients Notification Management System

Technologies and tools Zend FrameWork, DOJO Lib (AJAX), PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, PDF Lib, Open Office

Efforts 6 months


John Hancock company has more than a million clients who must be notified about the changes occurring in the company within one week. This process caused the company to lose about a million dollars a year, but now, with the help of our system created to automate and optimize the clients notification process, the company will be able to save huge amounts of financial and human resources.

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