Blogging became an effective marketing tool last year and, it seems, going to stay as such. According to Matt Cuts, the head of Google’s Webspam team, the stress should be put on quality of posts & offering value to the readers.  Qualitative content not only drives traffic to your Joomla! website and increases SEO results, but improves your brand, helps to build long-standing relationships with your clients, keep them updated with recent company’s events, discounts and offers. 

However, blogging will become effective, if and only if your posts are engaging, provide useful information, attract customers and encourage them to share and comment. How to achieve such outstanding results? One of the solutions here is working on blog’s interactivity.

Joomla! CMS is a rather flexible platform and making your articles interactive is a simple matter. There are a few advices that can help:

Embed Checklists

Embed CheckList into your post to share your expertise in a unique way. Let's look at the example below:

Successful Joomla! Site Checklist

Keep going
Well done Reset
Rating:  5.00 out of 5.00 from 1 user(s)

Best practices

    • Broken links are bad both for user experience and SEO. Users can leave your site if they get stuck with a broken link. Use link checkers to find such links and remove them or redirect to correct pages.
      W3C link checker
      iWebTool Broken Link Checker

    • Imagine you have developed great responsive template that looks awesome in Safari, but what about those who use Firefox, Chrome or even IE? Have you tested on other OS platforms?



Code quality



    • Google provides a number of rules to optimize your page load. And be sure they use it while ranking your website in search results.
      Google Page Speed

    • There is also a number of parameters you may optimize with tool from Yahoo. Unlike Goole they have documentation that shows how score is calculated.
      Yahoo's YSlow

    • Use the service to find out what can you fix in server response headers to optimize page load.



    • You may perform periodic checks to be sure that site is clean of malware.
      Sucuri SiteCheck

    • Create a new user, give it super admin permissions, then delete old super admin user for changing ID of the admin user. Since Joomla! 2.5.5 you may change admin name during installation.
      Joomla! directions
      Recover super admin password

    • Rename htaccess.txt to .htaccess and make sure RewriteEngine is set to "On".

    • Check configuration.php file permissions. Set it to 644, or much better to 444.

    • If you still on Joomla 1.5.x, do not use the standard jos_ table prefix.

    • If you go live with the site being established on development environment, a good idea would be to check /log and /tmp folders paths in "configuration.php"

    • Look in your website structure for staging/development files and delete them (.psd, .bak, IDE files, copies etc.)


Social Media


Do you use other cool tools in Joomla! development and maintenance? Share your experience — we'll be glad to extend our checklist.

Embed Commenting System

It allows users to participate in discussions, share opinions and gives you a valuable feedback! A blog platform either has its own built-in comment section or can be integrated with third-party plugins. As an example JoomBlog component in addition to its own commenting system with anti-spam captcha is Disqus service compatible.

commenting system

Insert media files, links, pdf files, eBooks and other type of content

It will diversify presented information and make it engaging and interesting for your audience. You can do it by using a bunch of plugins: Content plugins allow the files integration while Button/Editor-XTD plugins simplify integration for non-tech users. 

Implement surveys & polls

By using surveys you will be able to find out site users’ opinions on a particular topic, ask for advice or even gather useful information for your research or future blog post. By means of polls your blog readers can quickly share their thoughts without spending time on writing comments. In case you would like to know site visitors’ opinion, using native Joomla! features, Survey Force Deluxe extension is the easiest  and most appropriate way to do it.

Product Improvement Survey

Thank you for choosing JoomPlace!

It's very important for us to know whether you are satisfied with our Joomla! add-ons or not. Please take a few minutes to participate in our Product Improvement Survey. Your feedback will help us to address any issues that you may have as well as to enhance our components to meet your needs.

Thank you!

Create quizzes

By inserting online quizzes into your blog articles you will be able to engage with your audience, start up a competition or test users’ knowledge on products, goods or services you provide and then reward a perfect quiz passage. For instance, check Joomla! Quiz Deluxe integration!


Let's check how well do you know Joomla!



Insert comparison charts

Describe or compare products’ features by means of attractive charts! Instead of long plain text, present the information differently using colorful rows & columns. Have a look at Joomla! Comparison Chart interaction:

CheckList Versions Comparison

Toggle equal params Show hidden params Show hidden items
CheckList Standard Subscription
CheckList Professional Subscription
Checklist creation, editing, deleting by an administrator
Advanced Checklist permissions
SEO optimized
Social Media integration
Content & xtd-plugins
Different display options
Checklist Front End Authoring
Drag & drop edition option
Checkbox tips & notes adding and deleting options
Guests/registered users access rights and permissions to comment set-up
Disqus commenting system integration
Star Rating System
Printing & PDF conversion
Copy to my Checklist option
Price  $29 $69

Integrate testimonials

In addition to comparison charts, integrate testimonials into your article to show clients’ reviews of described products. Visitors will receive a full picture and gain knowledge of other users’ experience. Here is an example of Joomla! Testimonials Component insert:

Add to your blog posts catalogue/journal/magazine/portfolio

Digital publication with flipping pages will help to gain more visitors’ attention to your post. The best way to do it is using HTML5 Flipping Book

Photo Album: JoomPlace Birthday

Add infographic

Infographic is trend nowadays! It allows presenting statistics and huge amount of data easily and in a fun manner. JoomPlace team has integrated an “Embed” & “Share” buttons into JoomBlog component to give you a chance to share created infographic separately from the rest of the content, not losing traffic leading to your website.


It should be noted, that any other tool, that encourage users to interact with your blog posts, encourage them to share and comment, is worth using! You will find the right one only by trial-and-error method!

What tools do you use? Share with us!

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