We developed Flash Magazine Deluxe to help you create real online flipping Magazines/Catalogs on your Joomla! site. You can enrich magazine with sound, pictures, text, links and even with video. Have a look at Demo.


Welcome PDF

PDF is the most popular and common format for e-Magazines/Catalogs. Majority of our customers create their e-Magazines in PDF format. Such Magazines can be emailed and easily shared.

The next step is producing remarkable online digital editions with page turning effects and placing them on your Joomla! site. We all prefer spend less time for such tasks… Aren’t you?

What we’ve done


We updated Flash Magazine Deluxe with the MultiUpload tool to help you save your time and turn your PDF magazines into a real Adobe Flash based page-flipping magazine in minutes. Just convert PDF into images and create a magazine from a package with images. No programming tricks needed!

See the brief instructions:




  • Convert PDF to Images

    Use some free or paid soft for converting. We tested tool 123PDF to Image for Windows. It’s really easy to use.
  • Upload images

    Images may be uploaded to any folder of your site relative to Joomla! root directory or arranged as a package of images. Please note that your server should allow uploading files of big size in case you use the package method.
  • Create a magazine and configure its look&feel
  • Create pages using the MultiUpload feature


Why we didn’t develop all-in-one solution

  • We could create a script to work on all kind of servers. We didn’t do it, though, to avoid additional bugs and be sure that users will get what they expect
  • Too many of Joomla! extensions have more options than you need. We decided to avoid over-loading Flash Magazine Deluxe leaving it simple and usable
2013-04-08 13:27:46
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